Born and raised in Portland, Maine.

Born and raised on the coast of Maine, I grew up sailing the coast with my family and now tour the coast on a more intimate level in my sea kayak.  I am constantly studying charts to find new places to explore.  The first chart I created was to remember an amazing kayaking trip to Ireland.  I have explored Ireland, Alaska and the Rock Islands of Palau via kayak but know nothing beats what is in my own back yard.  I ask “does it get any better than Down East?” 

I have been selling my work since I was 14 years old when painted barrettes were all the rage.  In college I graduated to painted boxer shorts which made quite the fashion statements when I wore them as shorts.  The crew of Young America also sported a line I designed in the defense of the cup in 1995.  My latest project is depicting parts of the Maine Coast and beyond via bold vibrant colors and incorporating a little of my own whimsy.  

Thank you for your interest in my work!

Ireland / NW Territory Kayaking Expedition Rock Islands of Palau - Solo Kayak Expedition  

Lake Powell AZ/UT Expedition / Exploring slot canyons 2006

Close up of fish - "Palau"

The very first chart I painted was Ireland.  I wanted to remember my first kayak expedition which opened up my world to kayak touring and stole my heart.  The Rock Islands of Palau also hold a special place in my heart.  It was my first solo expedition and my first time scuba diving.  Amazing!  

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